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'Good WORK.' Scott Adams DROPPED BuzzFeed for their investigative FAIL calling him a men's rights activist

BuzzFeed reported that Kanye West had tweeted a bunch of videos from a Trump-loving men’s rights activist … Dilbert creator, Scott Adams.

Talk about some epic investigative reporting right here:


From BuzzFeed:

In the video, Adams defines “the Golden Age” as “a time where everything is going right.” Adams argues that West is a proof that things like racism aren’t actual issues and that they can be overcome by positive thinking.

Adams has regularly blogged about Trump, far-right politics, men’s rights, and his particular home-brew version of behavioral science for years.


Also, sidenote, the layout of BuzzFeed’s site is a hot mess.

Don’t @ us.

We thought it was particularly funny that they called out his ‘Trump-loving’ and failed to mention the famous comic strip he has been writing for years and years. Guess once you get branded as a Trump person they stop seeing you for who you really are.

They have not deleted it yet.


Pretty insane. Trump Derangement Syndrome has a way of doing that to people.


Would seem their funny bone is broken.

Scott must be doing something right.


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