Earlier this month, after two black men were arrested for allegedly loitering in a Philadelphia Starbucks the Left lost their collective shiznit and called for a boycott of their beloved corporate coffee peddlers. Starbucks, not being familiar with being on the opposite end of the SJW rage mob vowed to close 8000 stores across the country on May 29 to hold a training on unconscious bias training … which of course isn’t enough for protesters.

Nothing is ever enough for these people, folks. Don’t give in, don’t cave and do NOT apologize.

From Yahoo:

Members of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity rallied at a Starbucks in Philadelphia on Sunday after their fraternity brother, Rashon Nelson, was arrested there earlier this month in an incident the city’s mayor called an example of racial profiling.

More than 100 fraternity members and supporters attended the “Rally Against Racial Injustice” on Sunday afternoon, held near the downtown Philadelphia Starbucks where Nelson and his friend, Donte Robinson, were arrested on April 12 after the store’s manager asked them to leave because they hadn’t purchased anything.

Starbucks apologized to the men in a statement last week, saying it was learning more about what it “did wrong” and was willing to take the necessary steps “to fix it,” according to a statement.

It’s never enough.

Unless it’s this?


ESPECIALLY the woke hipsters.


Would you like your KARMA macchiato with an extra shot of social justice?


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