Man, Tom Arnold has really made an arse of himself over the past 24 hours, attacking Candace Owens, Joy Villa and others for supporting Donald Trump. And it all stemmed from a simple shoutout from Kanye to Candace …

Now, Roseanne has not tagged her ex-husband (and really, can you blame her?), but we can’t help but wonder if she’s subtweeting him a little with these tweets. If nothing else he should read them because there is some definite wisdom here that he could learn from:

Yeah, we do too.

He’s more likely to take a call from Roseanne than from some crazy Twitchy editor but we get it.

Tom has been shrieking like an obnoxious rage-hyena for a day now and doesn’t show any signs of letting up anytime soon.

Pssst … Tom. Read ^.

Know it.

Live it.

Love it.


There is nothing more powerful than a positive thought … except maybe a mic drop from Dana Loesch but we digress.

Love this.

It requires not being a crazy jackas* on Twitter as well.

You paying attention, Tom?


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