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'OWN your bigotry!' Chad Felix Greene REKT Perez Hilton for attacking Candace Owens over Kanye remarks

Yesterday morning, Kanye West tweeted his support and admiration for Candace Owens, a young, black, conservative woman who happens to be the communications director for Turning Point, USA. Candace has been very outspoken about disagreeing with Black Lives Matter and on Friday she shared a video that got a good deal of attention.



When Kanye tweeted this he might as well have dropped a tweet bomb on Lefty Twitter because they lost their GD minds, especially Perez Hilton.

We’re sure Kanye is super heartbroken, Perez.

Perez was so upset he seemed on a mission to hurt and destroy Candace’s character and brand, in a way punishing her for Kanye’s admiration. And of course, how DARE Candace be a Trump supporter, right?

Chad Felix Greene who himself is often the target of attacks from those who rely on identity politics for their messaging jumped into the fray:

The Left absolutely defends and fights for gay people, women, minorities … as long as they agree with them.

Otherwise, they see them as traitors to be destroyed.


It’s getting really old.


Hey, at least he admitted it.

No Perez, your words did that for you.

We don’t see anyone putting words in his mouth, do you?

He won’t.

Awww, he got defensive.


Well, this editor is hardly a journalist but we’ll write about hypocrites on the Left all day long.

Ruh-roh, now he pulled the Milo card.

Maybe it’s time for Perez to put the Twitter down.

And curtain.

Interesting sidenote, Tom Arnold was also fussy with Kanye’s tweet:


Probably because Roseanne likes Candace.

But we’re just guessing.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.


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