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'Break out the Kleenex.' Barbara Bush cartoon is simply lovely, guaranteed to make you sniffle

Get a tissue before you go any further.

In fact, get several tissues.

No seriously, trust us on this one.

You’ll need them when you look at this lovely cartoon of Barbara Bush being reunited with her daughter Robin by Marshall Ramsey.


In 1953, the Bush’s three-year-old-daughter, Robin, was diagnosed with leukemia and sadly passed away. And this cartoon illustrating Barbara’s reunion with her daughter in Heaven made this editor wonder if perhaps someone was cutting onions in the house because SERIOUSLY BIG TEARS.

And it wasn’t just this editor the cartoon made cry happy and sad tears:

Love this. So much.

And more tears from this editor.


Us too.

RIP lovely lady and give your sweet daughter a hug from this editor.

Ok, need more tissue now.


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