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'Your kid sounds like a brat.' Writer claims her WOKE daughter cried because her dentist was a man

Who knew there were so many woke kiddos out there coming up with a bunch of white-hot political takes all on their own? Man, we cover a lot of these kids, from the young Hispanic boy on the metro who asked someone why the president hated him to Alissa Nutting’s daughter who was upset because her dentist was a man.


Can’t make this stuff up … or can you?

Another woke kiddo. *eye roll*

This is the point, mom, where you say, ‘To get your teeth cleaned now be quiet and let him do his job.’

Then again, we’re not convinced this is what actually happened but hey, what do we know?

Ok, if we have to pull out a Dictionary to read your tweet?


We think Chad is saying her daughter needs to check her privilege.

It is indeed.



And that is saying a LOT.

That. ^


The magic age … EIGHT.

This editor’s youngest child is 10 and he is far too busy trying to change the world of WWE by inventing a new move to worry about what color or sex his dentist is.

Because he’s a kid.


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