We know, another Alyssa Milano story but DUDE.

She makes it so easy.

If only she’d just find a new hobby and stop writing silly tweets like this one:

Oooh, Alyssa, NRA members are super intimidated by this TWEET.

It would be helpful if gun grabbers like Alyssa actually took a moment to learn about the organization they are so anxious to shut down. What, they think they can defeat people who pay dues to an organization that helps protect the civil rights of all Americans?

Gosh, when we put it that way it doesn’t sound so great, eh Alyssa?


Bring it.

But this makes her feel like she’s ‘doing something’ about gun violence don’cha know.

Seems this is having the opposite effect …

On the count of three, everyone rolls their eyes.

And not funny in a good way.



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