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UNREAL! Seth MacFarlane defends Hollywood elite by using 'the little people' as a shield, blames Fox News

Seth MacFarlane’s tweet about how middle America shouldn’t dislike the Hollywood elite because there are little people like plumbers and truck drivers who work for and ‘serve’ him and his famous, rich brethren is why people really don’t like Hollywood anymore.


So not only does he crap all over the people he works with by using them as some sort of political shield, he tells people who don’t care for Hollywood types like HIM telling them what to think and believe to turn off Fox News.

Because apparently anyone who disagrees with MacFarlane is brainwashed by a station he doesn’t like.

But tell us more about all of those plumbers, Seth.

Let us know when a Hollywood truck driver starts making millions of dollars and then uses his million-dollar-truck-platform to tell middle America they shouldn’t own guns.


$8 an hour?!

Assistant Director?!


Yes, she is both an elite and an ass.


But Trump?


Wait, think for yourself?

Psh, Seth is a Hollywood elite, he hasn’t thought for himself in decades.

And curtain.


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