As the news broke yesterday that former First Lady Barbara Bush would not be seeking further medical attention for her failing health and would instead focus on being made comfortable hearts broke across social media.

Honestly, it almost seemed like even the Left had finally figured out that if you can’t say something nice in a situation like this, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

Except for this one exceptionally vile blue-check troll, Mira Gonzalez (we had to pull a screenshot since Gonzalez received so much heat for the tweet that she deleted it):

Narrator: She had no self-control. This was her tweeting it.

There has to be something sincerely broken inside of a person to wish a slow death on anyone, let alone doing so on a former First Lady using a huge social media platform.

And people of all political persuasions across Twitter called her out:

As of this morning, Gonzalez has yet to remove her account, but as we said up top, the tweet is gone.

Twitter is FOREVER.

If the shoe fits.


What this person said.

Interesting isn’t it, how accounts with a blue check get away with saying such horrible things. Keep in mind, Twitter revamped their verification process only a short time ago and basically admitted this blue check is their validation of an account.

So in other words, Jack all but validated a woman who called Barbara Bush a bitch and wished a slow death on her.


Oh, and when even Louise Mensch is reporting you?

It might be time to put the Twitter DOWN.


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