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MORE Boycott BS: Dick's Sporting Goods must really really REALLY want to go out of business

You’d think Dick’s Sporting Goods would have figured out by now that playing along with this so-called ‘boycott’ is not exactly great for business but … nope.


Hey, far be it for us to tell them how to ruin, err, run their business but this seems needlessly stupid.

Like most boycotts.

Well, THAT’LL stop bad guys from doing bad things.

Holy crap you guys, they think this is a good idea.

Wow, Dick’s.

Seems like it’s more important to them that they can pat themselves on the backs for ‘doing something about gun violence’ than their own business succeeding.


HA! Gonna bet Dick’s didn’t think about how they’re just driving up demand.

Which is really what it’s been about from the beginning.

But we all knew that already.


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