Awww yes, this photo of Mitt Romney looking like he just smelled a fart while he had dinner with Trump.

What a stupid time to be alive.

And speaking of a stupid, Jonathan Chait wants to know why Never Trumpers aren’t willing to support the opposing party to Trump, aka the Democrats.

From NY Magazine:

Over the long run, the country needs two small-d-democratic parties that are tethered to empirical reality. The GOP has no ability to be a party like that and no short-term prospects of becoming one. Even restoring the party to its relative sanity of a decade ago — a time when many Republicans agreed that the GOP was in dire need of reform — seems unimaginably ambitious from the standpoint of today. There comes a time when trying to patch things up and hoping for better days ceases to be a responsible choice, and one must conclude that the Republican Party’s straightest path to salvation runs through a cleansing fire of electoral destruction.

This editor thinks Jonathan is out of his ever-loving mind.

But that’s nothing new.

And c’mon man. Never Trump doesn’t mean, ‘Ok, maybe Democrats now.’


One answer, yup.



There ya’ go.

Binary thinkers will never really grasp the Never Trump movement.

Fair point.

From a Federalist.

We’re not lemmings, Mr. Chait.

And most of us are politically homeless.

But that doesn’t mean any of us are interested in shacking up with the Democrats.


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