It all started with a Trump tweet, as most of these conversations do.

Not one of his best tweets but certainly not his most controversial either.

But it got the attention of CNN’s Chris Cuomo:

In criminal cahoots … did he really say that?


These people.

Editor’s note: Just gotta point this out, Cuomo does nothing but quote tweet EVERYONE he engages with, which makes it a real PITA to cover him. Plus we’re pretty sure he does it to grandstand for his followers … 

Ya’ think?

Chris has a very passive aggressive and annoying way of calling people he disagrees with idiots and minimizing their impact on this country.

Hey, at least Brad is upfront.


Awww yes, the deplorable comment.

Good times.

‘To be fair, it’s ok that Hillary disrespected nearly half of this country because Trump … ‘




Oh, Chris.

Kurt Schlichter with a simple emoji.


Chris seems seriously angry about said emoji.


There was no follow up from Fredo … err … Chris after this brief exchange but it still made us laugh.

A lot.


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