Joss Whedon has a long history of tweeting stupid things at and about Paul Ryan.

Wait, we should probably clarify this even more.

Joss Whedon has a long history of tweeting stupid things.


The end.

But it’s safe to say that the Buffy guy has a real problem with Republicans in general, and especially Paul Ryan.

Didn’t this guy use to be clever?

Oh wait, that was him.


Silly women, male feminists know best, duh.

Just a bit.

But hey man, it’s ok, those evil Republicans deserve to be trashed or something.

He thought this was a good one too.

Because everyone Joss disagrees with is literally Hitler.

*eye roll*

It’s seriously like he can’t help himself.

Let’s not pretend Joss actually knows anything about history or Hitler, it was just a convenient and lazy dig he could make at Ryan.

And truth be told, MOST of what he writes is a non-sequitur.



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