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YOWZA! Susan Rice's 2014 tweet on chem weapons in Syria bites her (and Obama) RIGHT in the ass

If you ever get really bored (and we’re talking like super duper crazy bored where you’re considering watching reruns of Charmed) just take a gander through the archived tweets of Obama lackeys … like Susan Rice.


There are so many ironic and hypocritical tidbits featured in her old tweets you’ll be entertained (and outraged) for hours on end.

For example this lovely little tweet from 2014 about how they removed the ‘last 8%’ of the ‘declared’ chem weapons in Syria:

Pay special attention to the word ‘declared.’

Because we know this was bullshiznit.

But anything to pander to their base …


She’s far too busy with Netflix these days, silly.




And now a couple of reactions from 2014:

Bonni called this nearly four years ago.

Way to go, Bonni.

Psh, Susan would first need to have the ability to ‘feel’ anything, and as we know from watching her over the years, that’s a stretch.


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