You guys remember Sally Yates, right? She refused to do her job so Trump fired her.

Considering her track record is iffy at best, we’re not so sure she has ANY room to talk about the ‘rule of law’ when it comes to whether or not Trump decides to fire Rosenstein. Of course, that didn’t stop her from putting her foot in her mouth on Twitter.

Aww, isn’t she adorable?

And by adorable we mean deceitful, shallow and sorta gross.


Man, Sally has given us so much to think about.


But Dan Bongino had a thought or two about Sally’s tweets:

But Trump! Dossier! Rule of Law! Russia!

If Sally’s goal was to keep Trump from firing Rosenstein she probably should have just kept her big mouth shut.

Fair point.

Ironic, ain’t it?


She’s something.


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