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WHOA, she was PISSED: Maxine Waters agrees with Trump, says Comey has no credibility (no, seriously!)

Democrats have no shame.

And in other news, water is still wet.

Just look at how they flipped and flopped and then flipped again when it comes to James Comey. As far as the Dems were concerned, he was THE DEVIL in 2016, the reason Hillary lost the election and he probably kicked puppies and starved orphans as well.


That being said, none were quite as vocal about their disapproval of Comey than ‘Mad’ Maxine Waters:

Not a bit.

But then again, neither does Maxine.

So it all works out nicely.

Truth when it’s convenient.

It’s the Democrat’s way.

But not on purpose.

And that’s seriously scary.

Didn’t last long.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day or something, right?


Weird, ain’t it?


UH OH! This admission in James Comey’s book about the 2016 election is raising a LOT of eyebrows

SPARE us! Comey’s passage about his private meeting with Obama will make you nauseous

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