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SCHADENFREUDE! Ben Shapiro points out Comey's 'scam' that Hillary voters are too DUMB to see

It’s been fascinating watching the Left champion the same guy they blamed for costing Hillary the election in 2016.

James Comey is seriously playing them all, and they’re giving him money for doing it.


Pretty wild indeed.

But honestly when you take into consideration how quickly they flip and flop to keep up their, ‘Trump is the Devil,’ narrative this isn’t all that surprising. Democrats have a long history of using people until they’re no longer useful and then tossing them aside.

See Cindy Sheehan.

David Hogg, since he’s officially an adult now.

And soon, James Comey.

Psh. It’s what their entire platform is based on.


Oh absolutely, but with the way the Left thinks (and how desperate they’ve been to blame anyone and anything OTHER than Hillary for her HISTORIC loss) that they are holding Comey on their shoulders like some great hero today is hilarious.

And not in a good way.



WHOA, she was PISSED: Maxine Waters agrees with Trump, says Comey has no credibility (no, seriously!)

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Take cover! Trump’s tweets about James Comey TRIGGER drama queen John Brennan

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