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ABSURD: Charles C.W. Cooke slams MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace for claim her 6-year-old KNOWS Trump is trouble

This morning, this editor’s 10-year-old son sat down, looked her right in the face and said, ‘Mom, what is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?’


Totally happened.

Right after he grumbled that he had to go brush his teeth and turn his shirt right-side out.

When will people stop using ‘woke’ children to prove their points about Donald Trump?

Sure, Nicolle.

We totes believe you.

That would be a fascinating read indeed.

Except we’re pretty sure this didn’t happen but not an unfair point. Why would any six-year-old kiddo have any interest in watching the news? Heck, this editor is nearly 45 and most days can’t bear to watch too much of it.



Wow, Charles’ kiddo is already two? Time FLIES!

And he’s spot on, while our children are their own little people, they do learn much of who they are from watching their parents.

Gotta watch out for those Lucky Charms, man.






Join the club.

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Oh NOEZ, NOW what?! David Hogg officially turns 18 and the Left loses their Golden ‘Child’

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