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Heap big LOL! Avoid drinking ANYTHING when reading Dennis Miller's latest Elizabeth Warren ZINGER

Over the weekend, we learned that Elizabeth Warren had refused to take a DNA test to prove she’s a Native American. Gosh, we can’t understand WHY she wouldn’t want to finally prove us all wrong by producing actual evidence that she did not lie about her heritage to get money for school.


You’d THINK an innocent person wouldn’t hesitate to take such a test and would, in fact, demand such a test be performed.


Dennis Miller perhaps had the best take on Warren’s refusal:

Remember how she looked in that bald cap? It was almost an exact MATCH!

Pretty sure Elizabeth won’t find this amusing. At all.

But we laughed.

Heap big belly laughs even.

Through the eyes, right?

And a little around the nose, especially the mustache, it was IDENTICAL.

We loved her on the A-Team!

Awww, the movie that could never, ever be made today because the amount of protesting alone would shut it down before it was even released.


But at least we have Dennis’ joke, right?

What a silly time to be alive.


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