For the first time since being elected, President Trump will spend time in California this week, and as you can likely imagine, Californians are STOKED to see the president.

We are honestly looking to buy popcorn in BULK because this is going to be SO entertaining, considering the love-hate relationship the president seems to have with the ‘Eureka’ state. Take Ross Gerber for example; Ross is someone we’ve never heard of before but apparently, he’s important enough to have Twitter’s ‘mark’ of acceptance aka the blue check. Ross doesn’t appear to be thrilled about Trump’s visit:

That’ll show him!


But that wasn’t all he tweeted:

If you are being kind to the President of the United States, Ross is basically threatening to shut down your business. Oh look, he also called Trump the Devil.

No wonder he deleted this one.

But sorry Ross, the internet is forever.

Who the heck does this guy think he is?

Well, while we might not be entirely sure, Tweeps spent a good part of Sunday telling them who THEY think he is:


Double eek.

Definitely entertaining and just a little sad.

We don’t recall anyone throwing hissy fits of this size and trying to shut down entire cities when Obama visited.

This doesn’t seem to have gone the way Ross thought it would.


We see what he did here.


Sure you do, especially when 21,950 of them are telling you what a knob you are.

Wait, he didn’t call them Russians?

We’re so disappointed.

Might want to take a look at how things worked out for Jemele, just sayin’.


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