Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday to give Republican Rep. Frank Saccone a ‘boost’ in the very tight special election being held in that district. While some polls show the Republican up by as many as three points, other polls show Democrat Conor Lamb up by three points as well.

That being said, during the rally some in attendance started to chant, ‘CNN sucks!’

And just like Pavlov’s dogs, the moment Trump rang their little bell, CNN came running (we’re not sure if they were salivating but it’s possible):

Quick reminder, everyone knows that, Brian.

Now here is where it gets interesting. We’ve been giving CNN a hard time for their coverage of Trump and the behavior he inspires in many of their talking heads for months (years?) but to see someone on the Left calling them out?


Norman Ornstein is a contributing editor for the Atlantic (hardly a Trump-friendly publication) and has even written a book with two other writers called, ‘One Nation After Trump.’ And it seems Ornstein has taken issue with CNN’s coverage of Donald Trump.

Luckily, Chris Cillizza stepped into the back-and-forth to clear things up:


We’re a right-leaning publication and we don’t cover Trump every time he speaks, especially when it’s at some rally.

Just sayin’.

Damn, son.

To Ornstein’s point, we don’t recall CNN covering ‘rallies’ for W. or Obama (Clinton was a tad before the time this editor really started paying attention). Many times we have pointed out that the media, including CNN, basically elected Trump.

Guess we’re not the only ones to recognize it.


In other words, these gents are accusing CNN of covering Trump’s rally speech for clicks and taps.

Tough crowd Chris, and Brian.


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