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'WTF? Is she SERIOUS?!' Michelle Obama praises Black Panther movie with most backasswards take YET

NEWSFLASH: There were PLENTY of black superheroes before Black Panther, and honestly many of them were even cooler. See Spawn, Blade, Blankman …

Seriously, it’s like some of these people don’t realize there were movies before 2018, even former FLOTUS Michelle Obama.


And we get what she’s trying to say, young black people finally have superheroes who look like them to look up to … but it’s incredibly insulting to think this is the first movie to feature a black superhero or that young people can only look up to superheroes that who like them.

What happened to the content of character over color?

Yeah, we don’t miss Michelle.

Her husband was president for eight years … remember when she was finally proud of her country?

We do.

And incapable of looking up to any superheroes who don’t look like them.

We forgot about him!


RAR, right?

We don’t know why so many people are refusing to acknowledge black superheroes who have been making movies and creating life-long fans for decades.

This guy was the hero to end all heroes.



PAINFUL: Kamala Harris shares pic of herself in front of Black Panther poster and the jokes WRITE themselves

TOO WOKE? Even Ellen Barkin is sick and tired of SJWs using Black Panther to push their agenda

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