Every once in awhile, someone will tweet something so ridiculous that we can just highlight the tweet without having to write a single word about it because the jokes write themselves.

Kamala Harris shared such a tweet.

Oh brother.

You know, on second thought, we wouldn’t object to Kamala Harris running for president of Wakanda.

Hey, it could happen.

Talk about pandering for votes, and we thought her DACA tweets were annoying AF.

She’s WHACKY for Wakanda.

Why can’t people just let this be a movie?

That might ACTUALLY be her campaign slogan when she runs in 2020 … c’mon, we all know she’s going to try to run for president. And what’s really sad (for them) is Democrats might choose her which would easily hand Trump another term.

Better than Biden?


2020 is gonna be LIT.

Nah, she just talks out both sides of her mouth, that’s what happens when people don’t really stand for anything.

Told you.

So, should we tell Kamala that Wakanda is a fictional place or no?


TOO WOKE? Even Ellen Barkin is sick and tired of SJWs using Black Panther to push their agenda