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AWKWARD: Cecile Richards calls on white women to 'save this country', trips over Margaret Sanger

Considering Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, who has been quoted as referring to minorities as weeds and ‘reckless breeders,’ we’re not sure how bright it was for Cecile Richards to call on her fellow white women to save this country.


We get what she was trying to do here but it just doesn’t work.

Someone should ask Cecile if it’s just a coincidence that most Planned Parenthoods are located in urban areas and that the highest percentage of abortions are performed on minorities.

Not to mention the MILLIONS of women Planned Parenthood has already aborted …

Think how big their march could have been without Planned Parenthood?

But it’s up to white women to save this country don’cha know.



Sounds a lot like that.

Sanger would be proud.

It’s absolutely ridiculous, yes?

See what we mean?

And protoplasm?




Because of science!

Oh, and white women or something.

Don’t look at us, we just work here.


Now, THIS is girl power! Nikki Haley’s photo from Afghanistan OWNS #WomensMarch2018

LOUD NOISES! Trump’s trolling of the #WomensMarch2018 SERIOUSLY triggered Alyssa Milano


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