This was probably the best tweet of the day on the #WomensMarch2018 tag, and sadly for the harpies running the event, it came from Donald Trump.

Yes! Get out there ladies, march and tell the world how 80% of women will get a tax cut this year …

As you can imagine, his tweet didn’t go over all that well with the women posting pictures from 2017 to lie about the attendance at this year’s event. But none seemed quite as triggered by the president’s tweet as Alyssa Milano.

We’ve heard this quote about a million times, but nice try:

Doesn’t Alyssa seem upset?

It gets so old, Democrats pandering to women and victims while they openly supported Bill Clinton and tried to elect his enabling wife as president.

People who live in glass houses in Hollywood shouldn’t throw stones or something …

Yes, it was.

And it was hilarious.

What’s so important exactly?

Let us know when you all travel to Iran and march for women who are really oppressed.


The stupid, it burns.

And we thought Alyssa’s reaction was funny – her followers are even more hilarious.

Probably because Democrats tried to elect Satan incarnate.

Just guessing though.


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