National Review wrote an exceptional piece about how the March for Life is the REAL Women’s March, not that silly little temper tantrum thrown by a bunch of entitled, self-centered, spoiled women who gathered in MUCH smaller numbers yesterday to bitch and moan about Trump.

How can any event that shuns whole groups of women actually be a Women’s March?

Antonia Okafor shared the article and explained why she agreed with it:

From National Review:

But all people who truly want to empower American women should turn their attention elsewhere, to an event that receives much less media acclaim: the March for Life, which will mark its 45th anniversary this morning on the National Mall. It is this march, not the Women’s, that presents a unified, pro-woman message, instead of a narrow agenda driven by identity politics.

If we relied on traditional media to promote March for Life we’d never hear anything about it, unless it was some ‘op-ed’ complaining about Trump and tying him somehow to the event.

See what we mean?

Willie. Can we call you Willie? Misogynist says what?

C’mon man.

And ouch.

Someone get Willie some aloe for that burn, thanks.

Dude, walk away.

Fox News.

Seriously, could this guy be any more of a walking, talking, HuffingtonPost article?

But Trump! Fox News!

Big time.

In most cases, people are pro-life because of humanity, not because of their religion, and Willie would know that if he actually bothered to speak to any of them.

That’s hilarious right? Considering he accused Antonia of all but being brainwashed by Fox News?

And by hilarious we mean sad and really pathetic.

Sorta like his original tweet.


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