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DAAAMN! Jake Tapper REKT Lefties bitching at him for reporting FACTS behind Trump's sh*thole comment

Jake Tapper was trying to shed some light on the comments Trump supposedly made about certain countries being ‘sh*tholes,’ and as you might be able to imagine, the Left is angry at him for being factual about what happened.


They’re not interested in reality or facts, they just want Trump to PAY!

Check it out:


Wait, you mean Trump didn’t just haul off and say Haiti is a sh*thole and then kick a bunch of puppies while evicting old people from a nursing home?

Color us shocked.

Awwww, gotcha.

Oh. Well then that makes sense.


Jake is presenting context to the story and stating FACTS.

The nerve.

It must get old being misquoted for a narrative 24/7.

And seriously, what Trump said is not great, but Tapper is catching a bunch of flack for simply reporting the reality of what happened.

It’s ALL silly.


Welcome to 2018 (and you thought 2017 was bad).



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