Remember Matt Taibbi? He’s the journalist who admitted to sexually assaulting women in Russia … some would say he even bragged about it. Here, let us refresh your memories:

Yeah, he’s a real charmer.

Classy stuff, right?

Well, this classy charmer took it upon himself to put out a poll as a means to shame Donald Trump for calling countries ‘sh*tholes.’ We doubt he’s bright enough to see the irony in this:

All-time leading Ugly American moment? A COMMENT? Oh, the amount of stupid from the Left seriously burns.

You can guess how the poll is going.


But people, Trump said SH*THOLE.

Psh, an assassination of a president is not nearly as ugly as what Trump said.


We’re sensing a pattern here.

Sadly several people are voting that this is the all-time leading Ugly American moment … which tells us Trump Derangement Syndrome is even more out of control than we first imagined.

And the fact a schmuck like Matt is not being called out for his own hypocrisy is just the crappy icing on the crappy cake.

He probably should have sat this one out.


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