On Thursday, President Trump said something many felt was inappropriate about countries where people flee when immigrating to America. Let’s just say it was a brutally honest yet inappropriate descriptor that MOST people have probably used in their private lives.

And involved the words, ‘sh*t’ and ‘hole.’

As you can imagine, the Left lost its damn mind after this came out, quickly burying the president’s crazy with their own; happens every time.

Greg Gutfeld had a terrific idea for Trump after the fact:

That. Would. Be. EPIC.

Others had some ideas of some shocking words Trump could use (and this is where it just gets silly):


In Vegas, right?

Consider it done.

That sounds like something Richard Simmons would have said to describe his ‘Sweating to the Oldie’s videos.

Nicer way of saying sh*thole?

Haaaaaaa … and yes.

But is that really shocking?

And that’s it for us.



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