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For realz GRAMMY? Hillary's tweet to Doug Jones about elections sets HYPOCRISY meters the EFF OFF

You wanna know just how ignorant and uninformed about policy Democrats are?

Check this tweet.


Hey Doug, the GOP-led House of Representatives on Nov. 3 passed a CHIP reauthorization bill by a vote of 242-174, with most Democrats voting against it because of funding offsets. OOPSIE. So let’s not pretend evil Republicans are trying to keep these kids from their health care.

That would be the Democrats.


Ooh, but what’s even funnier about this tweet from Dovere is Hillary’s reaction to it:


With the way she’s bellyached, bitched and moaned for the last year it’s hard to believe she really thinks elections matter. Guess when elections go the way she wants them to, then they matter. Sorta like when Obama said, ‘Elections have consequences.’


Hillary really didn’t think this tweet through.



Presidential? ZIP. NADA. ZERO.


If Hillary were a normal person we would at this point start feeling sorry for her. But considering she’s Satan incarnate in a bad pantsuit … eh.


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