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BUTTHURT ALERT: Sarah Sanders shuts Jim Acosta down AGAIN at Trump bill signing

The next time the media whines that Trump calls them the opposition party we’re going to remind them of this particular altercation. Sarah Sanders was very clear on the intent of this bill signing, and that it was not a presser, and Jim Acosta decided to be a big baby and make a spectacle of himself anyway.


We get it, Jim. You don’t like some woman telling you what to do, but at this point, it’s painfully clear that it’s time to let it go and stop with the theatrics and drama.

And you know if they do indeed ban Acosta from the press pool he’ll bitch and moan and moan and bitch about it for weeks (months) on end and play the media martyr he so desperately wants to be.

Trump was there to sign a bill, not answer questions. You think they’d have been this rude to Obama?

Never mind, that was a totally rhetorical question.

And speaking of rude.


Intimidated? EL OH EL.

Mocked. Humiliated. Emasculated. Maybe.

But intimidated? She’s not trying to intimidate this nitwit, she’s just trying to get him to stop being an annoying ass.


The mean ol’ press secretary won’t answer my question, waaaaaaah.


He likely sees himself as some free press warrior fighting for the little guy or something.

We know, it’s dumb.


Well no sh*t: CNN’s BREAKING news about Putin may be their dumbest yet (but at least it’s true!)

SALTY: When even Lauren Duca is dissing Chris Cillizza and CNN you KNOW they’re in the toilet

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