It really does seem to be raining crap all over CNN. However, considering they ultimately did this to themselves by being obviously biased and painfully transparent in their personal vendetta against President Trump, it’s hard to feel overly sorry for them.

And seriously, when you’ve lost Princess Progressive Lauren Duca …

That’s not saying much, but fair point.

Now granted, Duca’s tweet was likely only meant as a harmless jab at Chris Cillizza, but after the day he had yesterday whining about Sarah Sanders and the tantrum most everyone at CNN has been throwing about being called fake news, it’s far more meaningful than she likely intended.


Dude has lost the cat lady demographic. Sad.

Tough crowd.

Wow, SERIOUSLY tough crowd.

Maybe this was more than just a jab at Cillizza …

Alrighty then.

Way to try and save face, Chris.



CNN determined to turn Trump’s Diet Coke consumption into constitutional crisis