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OOF! John Podhoretz OWNS Michael Ian Black in back-and-forth over 'small potatoes, bro'

Michael. You don’t have to voice your opinions on EVERYTHING.

In fact, every once in a while it’s smart to just shut up, especially if you’re not informed on a certain topic or story that crosses your feed.


Like this one.

He’d have to have the plot in the first place to lose it …


But a fair statement.

If you spend enough time reading his tweets you may not dislike him, but he will definitely annoy you. You’ll tell yourself he means well, is just sadly uninformed and occasionally says something funny, but in the end … meh.

Sort of like an old TV with nothing but antennae attached to it.

For some reason, he’s always a little out of sorts with current events yet still feels the need to comment on them because TWITTER.

This guy just described Michel Ian Black, Chelsea Handler, Alyssa Milano and a WEALTH of Hollywood types who seem to think their opinions matter.


At this point, it may actually be written into their contracts.

That ONE time, long ago.

Twitter not only verifies but validates people with blue checks.



Yes. THAT’S when he was funny.


See, and this is NOT funny.


Poor DEAR: Chelsea Handler tells Huckabee he ‘raised a liar,’ goes POSTAL when told she’s not funny

ZOMG! Is Roseanne subtweeting Chelsea Handler in this BRUTAL tweet, because if so … DAMN

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