Two days ago, Chelsea Handler was blaming Trump for the fires that made her vacate her home (seriously), and then last night she managed to find a way online to trash Sarah Huckabee Sanders through her FATHER.

Because Chelsea is classy like that.

You have to wonder if the irony of her attacking Sarah in a tweet about how feminists support other women was lost on her. Feminists support other women, JUST NOT YOUR EVIL DAUGHTER BECAUSE OF TRUMP!

And seriously, didn’t she used to be funny?

Truth. Hurts.

YEAH, babe. She makes millions of dollars because she ‘quit’ her Netflix job to be a political activist and stuff.


And wow Chelsea, little sensitive sweetie?

The lighting does wonders, right?

Hey, that’s what we said.


Double oof.


Sadly this is all she knows.

Just for fun:

Chelsea can’t even win this? Sad!


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