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ALL YOUR FAULT! Samantha Bee writer TIRADES at 'white people' who voted 3rd party over Hillary

Nice headline, The Hill.


They knew their readers would see this headline and FLIP THEIR SHIZNIT; add a picture of blue-eyed, white boy Paul Ryan and someone was bound to go full crazy about the funding being tied to graduation.

From The Hill:

The House Republican version of the updated Higher Education Act would tie funding for minority-serving institutions to graduation or transfer rates.

The bill would require minority-serving institutions, such as historically black colleges and universities, to graduate or transfer at least 25 percent of students to maintain their funding.

Not that this isn’t typical of funding for all schools but we digress … and why wouldn’t government ask for results when funding these public schools hand over fist?

Eh, the headline got a writer for Samantha Bee all sorts of riled up.


And this is what’s wrong with politics in America. You don’t owe your vote to anyone.



Or better yet, give people better candidates to vote for? Just spitballin’.

But she was seriously angry.

That’s not healthy.

But this editor did laugh (been there).

None of which is all that productive but hey, you be you.

You tell her.


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