Kurt Eichenwald seems a little down these days.

Someone get this guy a tissue, quick!

He works and he slaves, and what thanks does he get?

Poor Kurt. HA HA HA.

Kurt’s audience is even starting to turn on him.

He blocks people who disagree with him. For example, he not only has this editor blocked but Twitchy as well because GOD FORBID he be exposed to differing viewpoints. Life is hard enough for him already, what with a shortage of tentacle porn on the Internet …

This. Guy.


Full disclosure, the editor of this piece may have had a run-in with this particular account, and he MAY have tried to tell her Ted Kennedy had been murdered.

Whoa. She said Republic. Atta girl!

HA! Don’t lose hope, Kurt!

Awww c’mon, Kurt is probably a blast at holiday parties.


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