Dude, just leave Christmas alone.

Isn’t it a little early to start calling Santa Claus racist? Asking for a friend.

Oh ha ha ha, we get it. Andy is trying to make a joke that white people aren’t disrespected while taking a jab at Christmas.

He went straight past the naughty list RIGHT to the stupid list.

And speaking of the naughty list, check out these Scrooges:

You know these people are a blast at Christmas parties.


This one is definitely getting coal in his stocking, which will likely trigger him into some hatred on energy in America and ultimately lead to him blaming Trump for the end of the world or something.

So predictable.


We’re shocked some of these folks can tie their own shoes … ok, maybe they can’t.

Progressives are such cranky bite-in-the-asses, sheesh.

They gotta ruin everything fun.

Cutie? Umm … no.


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