Twitter is fun.

Ok, not really, but it’s funny?

Maybe? No? Well, it keeps us entertained (and provides job security) so we’re pretty sure it’s good for something. And hey, if you get bored of reading tweets about how the world is going to END, just do a basic search for the terms, ‘Nazi’ or ‘racist’. Guess who pops up first.

We see you Twitter.

This editor did a basic search as well, and while Trump was not the first result on her desktop, this guy was:

Dinesh. Really?

Alrighty then. Pretty sure that’s not true.

Granted, Trump was only listed in the first two rows of accounts in our search, along with this gal:

Who knew all of these people were socialists? C’mon Twitter, surely even you know Conservatives are like the OPPOSITE of Nazis.

Ok, maybe you don’t know.


Yup, that’s us every day reading Twitter. At least once a laptop gets tossed.

Awww, that’s probably what’s going on.

But still … it makes you wonder, especially with all of the changes Twitter claims to be making in order to rid the world of evil people they disagree with.

Stay tuned.


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