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'Dumbest sh*t EVER.' Just how much hot garbage has WaPo turned into? THIS MUCH

Who knew a fact checker’s bias would play a part in whether or not a fact is correct? Because that seems to be EXACTLY what the Washington Post did with Mike Pence.


Fact checker says facts are true but people should be ashamed.


Devoid of meaning. But if it was factual and correct wouldn’t that be the opposite of ‘devoid of meaning’? Hey, we’re just asking because clearly, we’re not professional fact checkers.

Three Pinocchios for being truthful.

And WaPo wonders why we call them fake news.


Sure, the math adds up but Pence is LITERALLY HITLER so we’re shaking and giving him Pinocchios.

Everything is stupid.


Join the club.


Fine then, Twitchy is self-appointed snarkologists, so there.

Their degrees came from a box of Lucky Charms, thank you very much.

Media in 2017.


DBag Hall of Fame member Chris Cuomo gets SCHOOLED after defending Liz ‘Lies A Lot’ Warren

Condescend MUCH?! Joy Reid doubles down on hating rural America, claims Trump is laughing at them


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