Check out this SUPER DEEP and meaningful tweet from Chris Cuomo.

If only this fool ^ would remain silent.

As you’d expect, Cuomo was up bright and early this morning railing on Trump about his Pocahontas remark. He also seemed to be in a fairly nasty and smug mood on Twitter, making what this editor would call fairly personal attacks on people who disagreed with him.

For example.

Note, Chris ALWAYS quote-tweets people he argues with so his ‘fans’ can see what he’s saying to them. This is also something larger accounts sometimes use to bully and silence others; the woman he’s addressing here seems to have locked her account since this engagement.

Others weren’t quite as intimidated.

Chief Cheats To Get In … classic.

Cuomo was on a roll though:

Gotta love the speech police. You’d think if he’s going to lecture people on what to say he’d at least try and spell most of the words in his tweet correctly.

Oh geez. Not true. EL OH EL.

And he wonders why we call him fake news.


Seems this ‘little man’ got under Chris’ skin.

Because CNN.

Yes, lying about her heritage so she could take money THAT WAS MEANT FOR ACTUAL NATIVE AMERICANS is not nearly as bad as Trump making fun of her for being a liar and a fraud.

Cripes dude.

Nah, Cuomo would be having a fit and screeching about integrity or something if the tables were turned.


Someone get Chris a tissue.


What Trump said was SO awful that Elizabeth Warren quoted it for IMMEDIATE fundraising