Man, if Joy Reid was looking for a new way to completely alienate at least half this country she has certainly accomplished that over the past few days. First, she accused rural America of being a threat ‘to our core Democracy’ and now she’s being a condescending harpy to people who want to Make America Great Again.

Who does she think she is? No Joy. We’re laughing at YOU, at how self-important and smug you are …

Shaking your head at people like you’re somehow superior to them?


Well, technically Libs lost, and keep losing, and it seems every day we have some new Liberal or Liberal policy to make fun of SO guessing that sorta means we’re owning you guys.

Suck it up.

It’s ironic, right? Joy is trying desperately to pretend Trump and his supporters are the haters (the pitchfork comment is so dumb), but reading her tweets, it’s clear who the real hater is.

Someone needs to hand her a mirror so she can take a good, long look at herself.

Let’s not pretend Joy gives a damn about helping anyone or has a single alternative to propose. This is about feeling superior to people she disagrees with, like any progressive but especially like progressive media types.

If she wanted to help people she wouldn’t call them threats for thinking differently from her or talk down to them because they voted for Trump.


Lowest of the LOW: Could Joy Reid be ANY nastier or more hateful to rural America?