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Lowest of the LOW: Could Joy Reid be ANY nastier or more hateful to rural America?

Joy, show us on the map of America which rural area hurt you …


Folks, if you live in rural America and watch Joy Reid, she hates you. She resents you and thinks you’re a threat to our democracy.


Stay classy, Joy.

This is the crap thread she’s referring to:

So basically Jared here thinks all rural Americans are fascists.

And they wonder why they can’t win an election.

Dude, it’s not our fault you have a crappy family.

Again, your family is not indicative of rural America.

But thanks for playing.

There are 30 tweets in this thread, even WITH 280 characters, and seriously, reading them all could well damage our brains. Just know his entire premise is that rural Americans are literally Hilter, and he’s shaking.



Sounds like the name of a punk or ska band in the 90’s.

It’s not enough for progressives to divide based on skin color or sex, now they want to divide based on where you live.

They hate the electoral college because it gives evil rural Americans a say in who runs this country.

And if you think about it, wanting to limit a certain group’s ability to vote, speak, and/or take part in their civic duty as Americans is actually fairly fascist.

Way to go, Joy.


‘Yeah, that’s NOT fascism, Joy.’ Just how stupid is Joy Reid? This stupid

‘Tool-troll’ Tariq Nasheed beclowns himself by calling Twitchy ‘racist,’ gets REKT by Michelle Malkin

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