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‘Yeah, that's NOT fascism, Joy.’ Just how stupid is Joy Reid? This stupid

Joy Reid was apparently trying to be super deep by pointing out fascism and well, it just didn’t come out right.

Either that or it was late and she was ‘tired-tweeting.’ Never yawn and tweet, people.


Does she really think she’s living in a fascist country?

Maybe she needs to look up the definition first.


This ain’t rocket science.


And seriously, the Left has been HYSTERICAL for at least the last year. Just because we call out their cray-cray doesn’t mean we’re promoting fascism. You know who accuses those of having an opinion of being fascist in order to silence them?


But you be you, Joy.


WOW: Tariq Nasheed calls Antonia Okafor a white supremacist, gets OWNED in BRUTAL back-and-forth

DESPICABLE Lefty troll gets REKT for attacking Stacey Dash after tweeting her mom had passed

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