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BAM! Buck Sexton OWNS Chelsea Handler with 1 word after she calls for generals to overthrow Trump

Remember last week when Chelsea Handler was pushing fascism? She’s on a real streak of stupid these days.

For example …


Ya’ think Chelsea understands exactly what she all but threatened Trump with by writing this tweet? She’s not all that bright so odds are she doesn’t; luckily Buck Sexton was more than happy to help her out.

Might want to get her a dictionary too, so she gets it.

Others weren’t entirely thrilled with Chelsea’s tweet either:

Of course she doesn’t think before she tweets, she’s a progressive.


If Chelsea doesn’t understand the word, ‘coup,’ she certainly won’t understand the word, ‘treason’.

She’s all but handing him the election in 2020 …

Thinking it may be too late for her.


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