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'No sh*t, Voxsplainer': Vox SCHOLARS discover calling people racist doesn't stop racism

Wait, you mean calling every person in the world who disagrees with Democrats a racist doesn’t stop racism?

Get outta here.


We read the article so you didn’t have to … you’re welcome.

From Vox:

The first thing to understand is how white Americans, especially in rural areas, hear accusations of racism. While terms like “racist,” “white privilege,” and “implicit bias” intend to point out systemic biases in America, for white Americans they’re often seen as coded slurs. These terms don’t signal to them that they’re doing something wrong, but that their supposedly racist attitudes (which they would deny having at all) are a justification for lawmakers and other elites to ignore their problems.

Especially in rural areas. Coded slurs. White people are too dumb to realize they’re racists. 

Even as Vox admits their tactics have failed by releasing this study, they just can’t help themselves.

Vox is gonna Vox. 



Derp, right?

Of course it won’t, their entire publication relies on the notion that all white people are racists and all men are sexists.

Even when studies prove that’s just not true.




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