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DERPAGE: Dean Obeidallah rants about SCOTUS and Travel Ban, calls Sotomayor a 'right-wing bigot'

Dean Obeidallah seems a little upset that SCOTUS ruled the Travel Ban should be upheld.

He tweeted that it was legalized bigotry … heh.

Hey, he claims to be funny, not smart.


So that EVIL RIGHT-WING SCOTUS is to blame.

Except the obvious Liberals on the bench also voted in favor of the ban.

Like we said, the guy does comedy.

Or something.


He definitely seems fussy.

Uh-oh, someone’s ego is wounded.


Poor Dean.





Shh … he’s on a roll.



But MUSLIMS and stuff, banned or something!

Dean should just admit he’s ignorant of what the ban does or how the court works and stick to being an unfunny big time radio guy.


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