As Twitchy readers know, several organizations and groups were working on/planning an upcoming event called the ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’. Transactivists have been very vocal about violence and have gone so far as to raise money for firearms training. Sadly, they’re doing so because they claim the Right, Christians, etcetera are pushing for a trans-genocide of sorts. In other words, they are deliberately poisoning people’s minds with scary propaganda and many are questioning if this rhetoric played a part at all in what happened at Covenant Christian School in Nashville.

Someone who is already not mentally well is easily pushed too far.

Luke Rosiak put together a thread on this movement, the reasoning behind it, and their efforts to make it happen.

Gosh, it’s almost as if these trans-orgs were calling for violence.

Oh wait, they were.

And are.

From The Daily Wire:

A group of transgender activists is planning a “Day of Vengeance” in Washington, D.C., for March 31-April 2 while raising money for firearms training this week, according to its online materials.

The Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) said on Twitter that “The time is now, enough is enough,” and uploaded posters to TikTok that said, “We want more than visibility. Trans Day of Vengeance. Stop trans genocide. Save the date: April 1st – 11:00 AM / March 31st – TBA.”

The self-professed Virginia chapter of the group said on Twitter that it would host a dance party at a Richmond club on Tuesday to raise money “benefiting firearm/self defense training for trans Virginians. Come boogie with us and defend trans life!”

The Trans Radical Activist Network has locked its Twitter account down.

Including petty offenses like vandalism.

Yeah, not seeing a whole lot of genocide here, peeps.

Note, this Twitter account blocked this editor when we reached out to them about this particular tweet, then proceeded to lock down and it looks like it deleted a bunch of tweets. What, don’t they want to fight back against the evil Right-wingers and Christians who are supposedly pushing for a trans-genocide?

Or maybe they know filling the minds of people with mental illness with threats of genocide and will lead to actual violence and death and they simply don’t want to own what they’ve done.

Yeah, that’s it.

They’re far too busy pushing for an assault weapons ban … duh.

At this point, we haven’t heard if they’re still planning to hold this event (we would hope not but we’re not dealing with the most thoughtful people here) but we’ll keep you posted.



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