So, Michael Cohen went to JAIL for basically lying, right? And while we’re certainly not legal experts around here even we know it’s probably not a great idea to you know, build your entire case around the guy. Clearly, the guy is a lying liar who has lied so much that he may not even really know what’s true or false.

Or care.

Just take a look at this FEC filing HE FILED that shows the payment made to Stormy Daniels was NOT campaign-related. Forget the letter that showed Trump never reimbursed Cohen for the payment, this is an official filing.


Lying about lies he lied to people about lying … about. Either way, that’s a lotta lies.

Or was he lying about lying and then lied about lying?

And considering the doozies Alvin Bragg has told himself … no wonder there was no grand jury today OR for the rest of the week. This whole thing is falling apart.

The FEC closed the file.

Bragg has to know this.

But it’s not political and stuff.

How the Hell are we supposed to keep up with what’s true and what’s a lie?

Maybe that was Cohen’s plan all along?

Preeeeetty much.



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