Watching Democrats try their best to discredit and disrespect the Twitter Files journalists yesterday served as a reminder of just how useless the mainstream media really are. Even though Matt Taibbi pointed out they had exposed issues with censorship on both the Left and the Right (granted, waaaaaay more on the Left), Democrats like Stacey Plaskett and our favorite poodle-wannabe DWS were relentless in personally attacking them both. Glenn Greenwald was as nauseated by the whole thing as much as we were.

Heck, maybe more.

So he reminded us all who Democrats normally support when it comes to the mainstream media and LOL-ouch.

A National Day of Mourning.


They would also be crying about white nationalism, neo-Nazis, and accusing Trump/DeSantis/Youngkin, and every other prominent Republican of FUELING HATE against the media. It would be the only story out there even today, about how evil REBULIKKKANS mistreated poor firefighting journalists who were just trying to protect Democracy.

How we WISH we were being funny but c’mon, we all know exactly what they’d do. They did it for four years …

Especially Jim Acosta.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jim Acosta owned like this. Huzzah.

And yeah, he really really really sucks.


Good to know some things never change.



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