Something stinks about Nancy Pelosi and J6. Big time.

But you already knew that, right?

This thread from Twitter user, Gain of Fauci (we see what he did there), about the Pelosi family and Jacob Chansley aka QAnon Shaman is a fascinating read and will really make you think. Granted, we’re all really thinking after what we saw on Tucker Carlson but this goes even a step further. Hey man, so far we crazy conspiracy theorists are like 20-0.

We got this.

Take a look:

Now, what do you think the odds are that Nancy Pelosi’s *son-in-law just happened to be at the Capitol that day? And took a selfie with an INSURRECTIONIST?!


None of this lines up. It never really did.

And now-released footage shows Chansley being walked around the Capitol by the police … very friendly even. It certainly doesn’t look like the police are afraid of Chansley or vice versa. You’d THINK if this was a dangerous, violent, scary, thing (worse than 9/11!) that it wouldn’t be so damn friendly.

Could Chansley have been in on it?

Could it all have been a set-up?

*adjusts tinfoil again*

Whether or not you believe Chansley was in on it and this was a set-up, footage clearly shows Sicknick was alive and well after the ‘insurrection’. And yet the Biden administration, media, Democrats, and the Left keep pushing this fake narrative and exploiting this poor deceased officer.

How much more evil can they get?

Don’t answer that.

It’s not like Nancy has a film crew with her every day …

And then they brought in an ABC producer to put their evidence together for the committee.

Alrighty then.

Eh. Does he?


Totally lines up.



Something strange is definitely afoot at the Circle K.

*Editor’s note: We are also reading Vos is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew – either way, there is a connection to Pelosi. Thx! – sj



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